Water Testing in Maine – Recommendations

Water Testing Recommendations

Water TestingIn order to provide good water testing recommendations, we need to discuss the concerns of the well owner.  We try to determine what has caused them to look for water testing recommendations. Some of the reasons are as follows –

  • They may have just drilled a new well.
  • They may be thinking about buying a house.
  • There may be a new baby on the way.
  • Maybe they are tired of buying bottled water and want to feel safe drinking their own water.
  • New construction is beginning in their area and they are concerned how it might affect their water.

Air & Water Quality recommends that you test your water for a number of health-related and non-health related parameters. Our minimum water testing recommendations include:

  • arsenic
  • uranium
  • nitrates/ nitrites
  • lead (first draw)
  • bacteria (E. coli, coli form)
  • fluoride
    • iron
    • manganese
    • hardness
    • chlorides
    • pH
    • radon (air and water)

These water testing recommendations take into account the EPA’s standards for public drinking water, State of Maine recommendations, and our own experience in solving water problems for almost a quarter of a century. Test kits are available from Air & Water Quality. Please contact our office to discuss your concerns and determine the best testing program for your situation.


The test kits for our water testing recommendations can be obtained from Air & Water Quality or you can contact Northeast Labs (NEL) directly. NEL offers complete laboratory services including environmental testing and analysis in chemistry and microbiology. Air & Water Quality provides solutions to all of your water treatment problems. Together we can provide answers to your questions and solve your problems.