Cost Comparison: Bottled Water vs. Water Filter Systems

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The real cost of bottled water

A family of 4 uses about 500 gallons of drinking water each year. The cost of bottled water bought in 24 to 28 count cases costs anywhere between $0.33 and $0.43 per quart. At $0.38 per quart the cost of water for 10 years is:


$.38 X 500 gallons X 4 quarts/gallon X 10 years = $7,600


If a Kinetico K5 reverse osmosis (RO) system costs $1,995[1] and the cartridge cost is $95 each year[2] then the RO cost for ten years is $2,850.


$1,995 + (9 X $95) = $2,850



$7,600 – $2,850 = $4,750!


Why not buy a softener with your RO?

Remember the K5 units are guaranteed for 10 years. The membrane is also guaranteed for 10 years if it’s installed after a Premier Series Kinetico softener. Buy a Kinetico S250 with a K5 and you still save $1,655.

A K5 with a Kinetico softener gives you:

Energy savings, longer appliance life, less detergents and cleaning agents, cleaner dishes, cleaner laundry, clothes that last longer, softer skin, better hair, no soap scum to scrape of the shower walls, no bottles in the trash, and no lugging of those cases of water—in other words…

“Better Water for a Better Life”

[1] Typical install cost

[2] This cost is for all but the first year as the unit comes with cartridges.

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