How to Change a Pentek big blue cartridge filter

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Directions for Changing Cartridge Filters


  1. Shut off the water on both sides of the cartridge filter housing by turning off the valve on the pipe leading into the filter housing and then turning off the valve on the pipe returning to the house. Both of these valves are labeled “Close to By-pass”.
  2. Place a tray or pail under the filter housing to catch any water that may spill.
  3. Push the red button on the head. Hold the button down until no more water squirts out. This will relieve the pressure in the housing. All the pressure must be released in order to remove the housing.
  4. To loosen the housing slide the wrench up over the housing and turn the wrench clockwise as viewed from the top of the housing (see drawing at the lower left).
  5. Spin off the housing and set aside the black o-ring located in the groove on the top of the housing (see drawing below). If you don’t see the o-ring, it may still be clinging to the underside of the filter head or may have fallen onto the floor.
  6. Take out the old filter cartridge and wipe out the inside of the housing. Install the new cartridge trying to handle it as little as possible.
  7. Add a ½ teaspoon of bleach to the housing. Place some of the bleach in the center hole of the cartridge and some between the cartridge and the housing.
  8. Clean the black o-ring, coat it with Vaseline and place it back in the groove on the top of the housing. Do not coat the housing threads with Vaseline.
  9. Spin the housing back into the head until you feel resistance. Then continue to hand tighten until the housing will no longer spin.
  10. Turn on the inlet valve and then press the red button to remove the air from the housing. Turn on the outlet valve and then turn on a faucet letting it run for three to five minutes to flush the chlorine.


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