Air Quality Testimonials

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  • Doug W., Falmouth

    Yesterday we sold our home in Falmouth. Part of the conditions of sale were that we would have the radon in the water and radon in the air mitigated. Air and Water Quality folks who worked with us: Jim, Bill, Mike, and finally Jeff moved this project forward expeditiously and did an excellent job for us as demonstrated by the drop in radon -- both in the water and in the air -- to levels that are safe. The work was performed efficiently, effectively, and to our complete satisfaction.
  • Capt. and Mrs. Thomas W. Kelly, III, US Navy (Ret)., Holden

    Dear Sir: I would like to extend our sincere appreciation for your amazing work of installing our new water filtration and water softening system. Your company has done remarkable work and accomplished it in such a professional manner. During our fifth remodeling undertaking, we have observed that many projects are not finished according to the agreed upon time frame. We know that you have a very busy work schedule and as such, it is very commendable that you managed to complete the entire installation within your proposed time frame. Since your installation of our new water purification and water softening systems, we have definitely noticed a positive change in the quality of our well water provided throughout our home. Our water is now not only drinkable, but far exceeds the basic state required standards. In addition, due to the water softening system we have found that our dishwasher, washing machine, and glass shower door have improved in the desired flushing out of hard water stains and calcium build-up. We are sure that this system will also protect our heating system piping and small appliances. My wife and I have also noticed a huge difference in the cleanliness and softness of the water on our skin and hair. Please do not hesitate to have any "prospective" clients contact us as we are extremely proud of our new water systems. You have really done a great job and we thank you for accomplishing such a professional and reliable water installation to our home.
  • Mike and Toni., Prospect Harbor

    Nate & Rod... We just had a water treatment system installed by AWQ Ellsworth. Rod and Nate did the installation. We were impressed from the very beginning by the thorough way that the system was explained. We really appreciated seeing a demonstration beforehand showing the components of the system. We got to actually see what the final resulting water quality would be using their demonstration models. The final result after installation is just great. We had some very problematic issues especially staining and they solved them. The installation process was very efficient. They arrived on time and did two follow-ups which was reassuring. They were very professional and nice to work with. We would highly recommend them to any of our friends. Thanks again, Mike & Toni
  • Suzan W., Brunswick

    "Hi Mike... Thank you again for going the extra mile for me on very short notice, in what became an emergency/crisis mode. Scott did a fabulous job. He was thorough, and neat as a pin. I very much appreciate his willingness to give up his day off to do the installation, which he did with professionalism AND a positive, uncomplaining demeanor. He's really great, and so are you! I'm sure you know I am always happy to send you new customers when possible; and of course offer the HIGHEST praise and references for your company if you ever need it."
  • Carrie L., Cumberland

    We just wanted to write and say THANK YOU!  The Waterborne Radon Mitigation system that you installed in our home last Monday appears to be running really well and it has added such a huge peace of mind for my husband and me.  Thank you! We also wanted to send a huge THANK YOU to out technician, Billy.  He was remarkable!!  He was extremely thorough and wonderful at explaining everything to me so that I could then explain it to my husband later that evening.  It addition, he was very understanding of my family needs and kept us in the loop about what he was doing (when it would be loud, when the water would be shut off, when he would be outside of our house, etc.).  He also left our home very neat and clean in the basement and did a fantastic job.  He was wonderful and very hard working.  Thank you! We greatly appreciate your help and look forward to seeing you next year for our routine service.
  • Anderson A. , Westport Island

    Hello Mike:   Thanks again for offering to help me analyze my water conditioning needs at my new home.  Air and Water Quality has been servicing my water treatment needs since I first built my home on Westport Island.  Your company quickly and accurately evaluated my needs, made recommendations and installed the equipment necessary to insure that I was getting pure, clean water.  I’m a very satisfied customer of Air and Water Quality and I recommend them to everybody I speak with.  You dedicate as much time as necessary to help homeowners understand their water problems and how to correct them.  You go above and beyond a simple product offering and that really gives me a great comfort level and feeling of security, knowing my water is safe.
  • Joe T., Topsham

    Mike,  in follow-up to my phone call I wanted to put in writing that the radon air installation in the basement went very well.   Pat did a great job. He left the basement clean, completed the work in the time he said he would, was pleasant, and explained a few things that will be really helpful. I'd recommend your company and Pat anytime!   Thanks again,   Joe T
  • Kotkas K., North Yarmouth

    Excellent, professional advise and service. We recommend Air and Water Quality!
  • Hicks Homon S., Durham

    It's been over a year since AWQ installed our massive system and it has changed our lives!!! I wish we had done it sooner. Previously, we were renting water softener equipment (from another company) and it wasn't working. We were told (from the other company) that there was nothing that could be done about it. We had "iron bacteria" in our well water. Well, after the recommendation of a neighbor to check out AWQ, we had them evaluate our water situation. We are AMAZED at the difference! We finally felt clean after a shower, and our toilets/sinks/etc were no longer stained. I highly recommend AWQ!
  • Judith F., Auburn

    Hi Mike, I'm writing just to thank you for running a first rate, classy operation. Yesterday my water stopped operating. Not having a plumber in the area yet, I called AWQ and left a message (midafternoon on a Sunday) on your emergency answering machine). I got a prompt call back from a delightful, helpful person named Phil who did his best to help me figure out that the problem was likely related to the well pump, and he then referred me to a few well companies in the area. Even though it had nothing to do with the arsenic system you installed, he gave me his cell phone number to call back if he could do anything further. Please thank him again for me. And many thanks to you too! Best regards, Judith